Fundi of the Year Category


1. Under this category, applicants will apply under:

  • Best Site Supervisor
  • Best Construction Worker (Can apply under the 59 trades as listed in the Occupational Standards Document)

2. A developer, contractor, site supervisor or relevant consultant can nominate a candidate, or the candidate can nominate themselves     under this category

3. All applicants for the Fundi of the Year category must.

  • Be fully accredited with a valid accreditation card (enclose copy of the same
  • Enclose a copy of their national identity card or passport and two passport photos
  • Have documentation to attest to technical qualifications, such as technical certificates or trade test certificates from an accredited       institution
  • Have recommendation letters from three projects previously worked on. The recommendation should be from a registered professional,     for example a contractor, architect, construction manager, quantity surveyor or engineer