Project Registration


Project registration is a main function of the Authority and is powered by Section 17 of the NCA Regulations 2014 indicated below:

‘Section 17 Part (1); All construction works, contracts or projects either in the public or private sector shall be registered with the Authority in accordance with the Act.

Section 17 Part (2); An owner shall make an application for registration of a project to the Authority in writing within thirty days from the date on which a tender for construction works, contract or project is awarded to a contractor registered under this Act.’

As shown above it is the responsibility of the developer and not the contractor to register his/her project be it commercial or private without exceptions.

Developers can register their projects through the NCA project registration portal or visit the nearest NCA regional or liaison office for assistance.

It should also be noted that project registration is currently free of charge

Registration Process

These are the steps to register a project:

1.Visit our website;

2.Click ‘Developers’ then ‘Project Registration’ to access the ‘Project Registration Portal’.

3.Log in or register a new account following the prompts.

4.Click on ‘New Application’, fill in project details and upload required documents.

5.Click ‘Submit’ after which all consultants and contractors will receive a confirmation email.

6.Once the application is received, the developer should ensure that all appointed consultants confirm their engagement on email    and all documents are uploaded before verification.

7.A verification email requesting them to await a due diligence site inspection will then be sent.

8.After on-site due diligence is conducted, the application will either be approved or returned with comments.

9.Depending on whether the project is low, medium or high risk, the certificates will be sent to the developer’s email within 7 days with    a unique Project ID.


1.In the event a developer wishes to change a consultants’, contractors’ or projects’ details, they should log into the portal and click on  ‘Submit Updated Application”.

2.All required documents should be re-uploaded.

3.The application will be reviewed and approved if changes are in order.

Registration Requirements

The following are the requirements:

1.The contractor and sub-contractor must be registered by NCA and must have a valid practicing license for the current financial year.

2.The project consultants (for example the engineer (s), architect, and quantity surveyor) must be duly registered with their respective    professional regulatory bodies, such as the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity    Surveyors (BORAQS).They must have valid practicing licenses

3.Approved architectural and structural drawings

4.Physical planning forms (county approval permits/ letters/PPA2)

5.Other statutory and regulatory approvals such as NEMA, EPRA, WRA and KCAA licenses where applicable.

6.Bill of quantities summary page duly signed and stamped by the quantity surveyor.

7.Copy of developer’s Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN.

8.Signed contract/tender form or signed agreement by developer with the contractor.

9.Supervision Commitment Letters by consultants and/or agreements/contract by developer with consultants.