National Construction Research Agenda (NACRA)

One of the Authority’s key functions is to undertake or commission research into any matter relating to the construction industry.

Under research, the Authority is mandated to:

a).Undertake or commission research into any matter relating to the construction industry and disseminate research findings to     the stakeholders;

b).Encourage the standardization and improvement of construction techniques and materials;

c).Maintain a construction industry information system;

d).Provide consultancy and advisory services with respect to the construction industry.

Towards the realization of this mandate, NCA launched the National Construction Research Agenda (NaCRA) for the period 2014-2017.

The Authority has been carrying out research based on priority areas published in NaCRA.

NaCRA is a stakeholder driven process initiated by NCA to identify and prioritize gaps and challenges that need to be recorded.

The setting of research priorities is guided by principles of stakeholder participation; inclusivity and need for answers to the identified priority gaps or/and challenges.

The wider objectives of NaCRA are thus:

a).To highlight gaps and current issues affecting the construction industry.

b).To dialogue and present ideas for a more effective research in the construction industry.

c).Provide an opportunity to bring together researchers with policy makers, professional institutions and other construction      industry stakeholders at a national level.

d).To investigate the institutional means to better support research in the construction industry.

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