Apprenticeship Program


The Apprenticeship Programme caters for construction workers who are without technical certificates and have less than two years working experience. An apprentice must be willing to train on the job, working under an accredited site supervisor for a minimum of one year. Details of work done are recorded in the logbook issued upon application for apprenticeship. Apprenticeship runs for a period of not less than one year during which the apprentice should acquire technical skills. After apprenticeship, the worker, after taking a competency assessment test, qualifies for full accreditation.

Application Process

1.Download the form the NCA website (see form below)

2.Ensure that NCA registered contractor on the site you are apprenticing signs off on the form

3.Scan and send the fully filled form to or drop it off at your nearest NCA office country wide


1.One passport photo

2.Copy of national identification card