Full Accreditation


Accreditation of construction workers and site supervisors is a main function of the Authority under section 19 and 20 of the NCA Regulations 2014. Section19 states: ‘The Authority shall accredit and certify all construction workers and construction site supervisors in accordance with the Act” while section 20 states: “The Authority shall register skilled construction workers under one or more of the classes or works provided in the Third Schedule of the Act.”

The application fee for construction site supervisors is Kes. 2000 while construction workers is Kes. 1,000. The accreditation cards are issued upon successful application and are valid for three (3) years, after which they must be renewed.

Registration Process

1.On the NCA website, click on the ‘Accreditation Portal’

2.Create an account using your National ID or Passport number, then log in.

3.Click on ‘Accreditation’ to upload the required documents and submit your application.

4.After this you will receive a text message and email notification on the registered phone number and email address once the evaluation of   your application is complete.

5.At this stage follow the instructions to make payment.

6.An accreditation fee of Kes. 1000 for construction workers and Kes. 2000 for site supervisors will be charged

7.After this collect your accreditation card from the specified NCA office or Huduma Centre.

Registration Requirements

1.Copies of your training certificates OR NITA trade test OR A recommendation letter from a registered professional, such as a   contractor,architect, quantity surveyor or engineer with whom you have worked with before.

2.A copy of your national ID or passport