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What We Do

What We Do

Section 5(2) (k) of The National Construction Authority empowers the Authority to “Accredit and register contractors and regulate their professional undertakings”. The Authority publishes a Register of Contractors that contains the particulars of the construction firm, including the Class of Works and Category for which the firm is registered. The Executive Director is the Registrar of Contractors:

View Registration Process for Local Contractors HERE

View Registration Process for Foreign  Contractors HERE

The National Construction Authority is empowered by the National Construction Authority Act no. 41 of 2011 to accredit and certify skilled construction workers and construction site supervisors. Accreditation ensures that all individuals participating in the various trades have the necessary skill to undertake the same.

Construction workers and site supervisors with technical training certificates, trade tests from the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) or competency based assessment from accredited training institutions should apply for accreditation.

View the Accreditation Process HERE

Construction workers without technical training certificates or trade tests but with at least two years documented experience should apply for provisional accreditation.

View the Provisional Accreditation HERE

Construction workers without technical training certificates or trade tests and without at least two years documented experience should apply for apprenticeship.

View apprenticeship process HERE

Project registration is an important step toward streamlining the construction industry. Developing a projects register will facilitate planning and maintaining of construction records that makes quality assurance not just easier but more systematic.

View the Project Registration Process HERE

All contractors are required to renew their practicing licenses annually. The licenses expire on June 30th every year. To view the renewal process, click HERE

The National Construction Authority has been enacted to, amongst others,undertake or commission research into any matter relating to the construction industry. Thus far, the Authority has conducted several surveys, such as the status of professionals in the industry and the mapping of technical training institutions.

The Authority also published the National Construction Research Agenda Report 2014-2017, a major industry milestone.

The Authority holds the International Construction Research Exhibition and Conference (ICoRCE) every 2 years, a meeting of the minds that brings together on one platform, leading industry experts towards business development in the region.

For more on ICoRCE, click HERE

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