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Construction Projects to be Registered in One Day

February 24th, 2020 / by mjenzi

The National Construction Authority, in an effort to improve service delivery, has revised the project registration timelines in order to ease the process and hasten the issuance of a compliance certificate as part of construction permitting. The revised timelines are also in line with the Government’s initiative to improve Kenya’s position in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business index.

Construction projects make up one of the Authority’s three professional registers, the other two being the contractors and construction workers registers. Previously, the project registration process took up to 7 days, but it will now take as little as one day to finalize.

The revised timeliness apply to building projects only, and are based on a risk matrix. The first category is Low Risk Projects, which include single dwelling residential developments, light commercial developments such as small scale shops and small scale renovation works. All Low Risk Projects should be less than Kes 25 million, with a floor area of below 1,400m2 and a maximum of two levels, including the ground floor. Low Risk Projects will be registered within one day.

Medium Risk Projects, which will take three days to register, should be projects worth between 25 and 150 million shillings, with a floor area of between 1,400m2 and 3,000m2, with a maximum of 5 levels, inclusive of ground floor. The final category, High Risk Projects, are all projects that exceed Kes 150 million in terms of project sum. These include high rise flats, high rise office blocks, heavy industrial complexes, shopping malls, health and sports facilities. High Risk Projects have a floor area of above 3,000m2 and have more than 5 levels. These projects will also take up to three days to register.

The World Bank Doing Business Index provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities at subnational and regional level.

In 2019, Kenya was ranked at n 56th overall and 105th specifically for the construction permits indicator. Kenya was also identified as one of the economies that reformed in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018/19 by increasing transparency through making building permit requirements publicly available online as well as reducing fees.

NCA remains committed to continuously improving the customer experience by enhancing efficiency in service delivery.