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Registration & Compliance FAQs

Registration & Compliance FAQs


On the NCA website, click the ‘Contractors’ tab then click on ‘Register to be a contractor’. This will take you to the registration portal. Click on ‘Register to create an account’ and fill in the requested information. Log into your account with the National ID/Passport Number and password, then follow the prompts. View full registration process HERE.

On the NCA website, click on ‘Renewals’ then ‘Renewal of Practicing Licence’. Log into your NCA account and click ‘Load Licences’ then ‘Proceed’ and submit the information and documentation that will be requested. Only contractors who have registered for and attended a CPD training worth 10 points are eligible for renewal. Click HERE to view full renewal process.

It could be that the training certificate is not valid for the financial year. You can contact for further assistance.

On the NCA website, log into your NCA account and click on ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’. Submit the documentation as prompted, then pay the registration fee of Kes. 5,000. After evaluation, you will be required to pay the requisite fees for your new category. View full process HERE.


This is the process by which a construction worker or site supervisor applies for an NCA issued accreditation card which shows the trade under which they are qualified.

By applying online on the NCA website. Click HERE to view process.

On the online application, you should attach a recommendation letter from a contractor, quantity surveyor, architect or engineer that demonstrates your experience working with them. Click HERE to view process.

For construction site supervisors, it is Kes. 2,000 and Kes. 1,000 for construction workers, each for a period of three years


By ensuring you have all items under the quality assurance checklist, that is an NCA registered contractor on site, a site board showing all relevant professionals and approvals, NCA accredited construction workers in full personal protective protective, safety signage around the site, full hoarding and the project itself should be registered.

A suspension order will be issued on the site, which means that all works must cease until compliance is attained. The developer should then apply for a lifting of suspension order whch will be issued after due dilligence by NCA officials.

This means that the site has been suspended, and a Suspension Order has been issued. An NCA X is distiguished by the letters ‘NCA’ above the X, and a C under the X

Any person who defies a suspension order is liable to a fine of Kes. 1 million or a 3 year jail term or both

Construction works worth less than Kes. 5 million can be registered with an NCA accredited construction site supervisor as the contractor.