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Provisional Accreditation

Provisional Accreditation


Registration Process

  1. Website: Visit our website
  2. Portal: Go to the “construction workers” tab then click “Accreditation”
  3. Registration: Click on “Register” and register an account by filling in the required information in each field.
  • Log into your account with the National ID/Passport Number and password used during registration process.
  1. New application: Click on the “New Application” tab then click on “Provisional Accreditation”.
  • Submit information and documentation that will be requested as shown in the list below.
  1. Payment: After submission of the online accreditation application an invoice will be sent to your email address used during registration with the amount to be paid and mode of payment.
  • You will receive a text message notifying you of the sent invoice, and this will be sent via phone number used during registration.
  • In your account you will be required to key in the bank slip transaction number or the M-pesa transaction number after payment.

Registration Requirements

  1. Experience; evidenced by a recommendation letter from a contractor, quantity surveyor, architect or engineer.
  2. Copy of National Identification Card (to attach)
  3. Passport size photograph (to attach)

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