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NCA’S New Board Inauguration

NCA’S New Board Inauguration


State Department for Public Works Principal Secretary Mr. Solomon Kitungu, CBS yesterday on November 1, 2021, presided over the inauguration of the 4th NCA Board of Directors.

In his speech, read on his behalf by Mr. Kitungu, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure Housing, Urban Development and Public Works Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia, E.G.H expressed confidence in the new Board and urged the Directors to ensure safety, stability, and quality in the construction industry through policy work that will have a positive impact for generations to come.

While making his own remarks, the Principal Secretary urged the board members to apply themselves in order to strengthen the Authority’s activities with a bias in the area of compliance and enforcement so as to ensure the loss of lives and livelihoods through building collapses is arrested completely.

On his part, NCA board Chairman Qs. David Gaitho noted that the Board is coming in at a time when the Authority possesses very good papers which should be harnessed to improve service delivery.

“We have the Building Code, Revised contractor’s evaluation criteria, Construction Industry Policy (CIP), and the National Construction Research Agenda (NaCRA). My expectation is that we will be able to convert all these into something whose results the public can see,” said Qs. Gaitho.

Advocate Mercy Okero and Messrs Arch. Waweru Gatheca, Eng. Peter Musango, Kalpesh Hirani, and Kennedy Sagini were on 6th October 2021 appointed by Transport, Infrastructure Housing, Urban Development and Public Works Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia, E.G.H to represent the Law Society Of Kenya, Architectural Association of Kenya, Roads and Civil Engineering Contractors Association, Kenya Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors and Kenya Federation of Master Builders respectively through gazette notice No. 30580.

Other entities that the National Construction Authority Board of Directors draws representation from are; State Department for Housing and Urban Development, State Department for Public Works, State Department for Infrastructure, The National Treasury, Special Interest Groups, Institution of Engineers of Kenya, and the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors.