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NCA Meets National Government Constituency Development Fund

February 5th, 2018 / by mjenzi

Photo Courtesy: National Government Constituencies Development Fund

A delegation from the National Construction Authority paid a courtesy visit to the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) on the Friday 26th January, 2018 at Harambee Plaza.

This was introductory meeting meant to promote understanding of each institution’s mandate as well as to identify possible avenues of collaboration and engagement. The NCA team, led by Regional Officers Manager Arch. Stephen Mwili was received by the  Chief  Executive Officer, NG-CDF Mr. Yusuf Mbuno,  the Chief Manager Programs and  Field Services Ms. Elizabeth Kitundu and the Senior Manager Programs and Field Services Ms. Christine Mwangolo  as well as Ms. Anne Mulea, the Senior  Research and Statistics Manager.

NG-CDF, formerly the Constituencies Development Fund (CDF), was established in 2003.The fund falls under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. Its core purpose is to eradicate poverty and enhance infrastructural and socio-economic development at the lowest possible level, by committing two and a half percent (2.5%) of the National Government’s share of annual revenue towards community projects identified at the constituency level by these same communities. Further, NG-CDF only funds projects that fall within the functions of the National Government such as education and security as outlined in the Constitution of Kenya.

Since 2015, NCA has registered approximately 15,000 projects across various sectors including projects belonging to government agencies, the national government, non-governmental organizations and county governments. Since January 2017, project registration is free, after a presidential directive set aside the 0.05% construction levy that was applied to all construction projects worth half a million shillings and above. Less than one percent (1%) of NG-CDF projects have been formally registered.

NG-CDF stated they had encountered several challenges when it came to project registration, including lack of awareness about the process, and the fact that some projects were of such low contractual value it was deemed unnecessary to register. The project owners did not engage qualified professionals resulting and substandard construction works. Another major challenge was that monitoring and evaluation of the projects wasn’t carried out effectively despite the presence of fund managers in each constituency.

Going forward, the two teams pledged to work together in order to enhance the quality of the community projects. NG-CDF pledged to provide a list of all projects dating back two years, with all the details of the consultants, project values and current status. They would also henceforth update NCA on all new projects and ensure all contractors and construction workers engaged in any projects they fund atre either registered or accredited.

On its part, NCA pledged to assist NG-CDF in the design, supervision and audit of their projects as well as sensitization and training of their management and Members of Parliament the mandate and functions of the Authority, particularly with regard to project registration and quality assurance. NCA will also engage the Performance Contracting Secretariat to make provision for the receipt of compliance reports from NG-CDF.