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NCA Meets EBK, BORAQS to improve Regulatory Synergy

November 29th, 2019 / by mjenzi

The newly appointed NCA Executive Director Eng. Maurice Akech met with
representatives from the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS) over the last week.

The meetings were to formalize a series of collaborative activities that are set to be rolled out by all three institutions. Eng. Akech, speaking at each of the meetings, noted that the main agenda was to introduce a formal framework of engagement between the regulators. The institutions have been working together for years, but there was need for a sustained and systematic effort towards attaining even higher levels of synergy, to be achieved by identifying common areas of interest and potential areas of

Currently, the Authority uses the EBK and BORAQS databases for project registration, where the professionals who are working on construction projects confirm their consultancy on the same. This way, only registered professionals are involved in the process and can be held accountable for any supervisory issues.

Other proposed areas of collaboration proposed were joint quality assurance exercises to lessen regulatory fatigue, recognition of continuous professional development (CPD) points earned from NCA trainings from contractors who are also EBK and BORAQS members and the formation of a Multi-Agency Disciplinary Committee cutting across all aspects in the construction industry for a holistic and unified approach to dealing with

Also proposed was a collaboration on research projects exploring the exportation of resources and labour, to ensure industry professionals are continuously engaged, as well as the formation of a Joint Advisory Committee to ensure that industry recommendations are strongly stakeholder driven, especially from a regulatory perspective.
A meeting between all three agencies is planned before the close of the year to chart a strategic way forward.