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NCA Continues its Efforts in Capacity Building

April 10th, 2018 / by mjenzi

The NCA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) trainings continued last week with two separate trainings in Nairobi and Athi River.

The first training took place on the 5th and 6th of April at the Sportsview Hotel, Kasarani, and was open to all registered contractors, covering the Nairobi and Kiambu regions. Over 650 contractors were in attendance at the two day training, themed Project Cash Flow Management. Contractors present were sensitized on opportunities in and requirements for performance based contracting in road maintenance.

The second training, open to NCA 7 and NCA 8 contractors, was a special technical training that is part of the Authority’s Alternative CPD Programme, introduced in order to give a more hands on and experiential training to contractors. The training took the form of a plant tour of Savannah Cement, a long time partner of the Authority.

During the tour, the contractors were given an opportunity to experience the entire cement making process and were able to garner a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of not only the raw materials used in the creation of cement but the methods as well. They were also sensitized on the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment.  This was followed by a plenary session where contractors were given the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges.

This was the fourth alternative training after the programme was rolled out last year in a bid to diversify the trainings and cater for the specific needs of contractors across the eight registration categories. NCA and Savannah cement are signatories to a Memorandum of Understanding whose primary aim is to actualize capacity building and skill development amongst contractors and construction site workers.

There are four other trainings left on the CPD calendar for this financial year, taking place in Kakamega, Marsabit and Lamu, and an alternative training taking place at the Mabati Rolling Mills Mariakani Factory. View the full calendar HERE.