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Institutions Invited to Apply for NCA CPD Accreditation

January 15th, 2018 / by mjenzi

The National Construction Authority is now inviting institutions within the construction industry to join the continuous professional development (CPD) programme. The institutions are required to apply for accreditation of their courses by the regulatory body.

Part II (Section 14) of the NCA Regulations 2014 states that “In each year during which a contractor holds a license, the contractor, or, in the case of a firm or company, the partner or director who possesses technical qualifications, skills or experience shall attend at least one Continuous Professional Development event recognized by the Authority and the Authority shall consider the attendances while determining an application to renew or upgrade the Contractor.”
As guided by the above provision, all CPD events recognized by the Authority but offered by other institutions will earn the same number of points as NCA organized trainings, 10, which is also the minimum number of points that need to be earned annually.

A CPD committee that includes peer reviewers appointed from different sub-specialties will review the content of the training and capacity building programs from different institutions to determine whether they meet the criterion. Training and capacity building activities in this case refer to courses, seminars, conference attendance and paper presentation, skills development programs and publications in recognized construction journals. The activities recognized for the award of CPD points include one or two day seminars, mentorship forums, local and international workshops and conferences, industrial attachments and professional supervision.

Executive members or directors of construction firms will also be able to earn CPD points through committee meeting attendance, attendance of annual meetings, local and international workshops and conferences, mentorship programs as well as professional supervision of attachment placements,.
Various organisations have expressed interest in awarding NCA CPD points for their CPD trainings, which triggered the need to have a formalised framework that is mutually beneficial.

Different institutional fees will apply to all organizations who award independent certificates that do not bear the NCA logo. Organizations that have a standing memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Authority will also be subject to the fee if they are offering independent trainings outside the scope of their MoU. The fees will differ depending on the duration of the training offered. The institutions include those accredited with Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) or the Council for University Education (CUE), recognized regional and international professional bodies, regulatory authorities, research institutions, national professional associations and ministries with related special program divisions, as well as any others as may be approved by the NCA Board.

The institutions will be required to make a formal application through the Board, and must meet various requirements, such as qualified facilitators and resource persons. They must also demonstrate capacity to support CPD activities, and comply with inspection of premises, activities, facilitators and related resources.

All recognized CPD trainings will be updated on the Authority’s CPD calendar, and contractors who wish to have their CPD points from an external training will be required to pay an administrative fee of Kshs. 1,000. They will also be required to log their points in an online log.