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NCA Officials Evacuate ‘Cracked’ Kasarani Building

November 14th, 2017 / by mjenzi

Tenants of a five-storey building in Kasarani Springs Estate were on Thursday, 9th November 2017 ordered to vacate after cracks developed on the pillars of the structure. Residents raised the alarm by alerting officers of the National Construction Authority, who, accompanied by officers from the National Building Inspectorate, vacated residents.

The building in question is next to an active construction site, whose construction works were previously halted by a suspension notice from NCA due to non compliance with quality assurance standards. The owner of the evacuated building placed the blame on the suspended site, and the fact that there was minimal space between the two buildings.

Eng. Chrispus Ndinyo, the NCA officer in charge of Nairobi Region, noted that tests have to be conducted in order to determine the structural soundness of the building. The same will be done in conjunction with the Nairobi City County.The results of the investigation will then determine whether or not the building can be occupied. Construction works on the adjacent site will remain suspended until it can be determined they are not affecting other structures within the neighborhood.

In a statement issued on the same day, Nairobi City County Urban Planning Officer Justus Kathenge was quoted as saying preliminary investigations revealed that the pillar that had developed cracks was not a part of the original design, but was added thereafter. He also confirmed the building had approvals dated March 10, 2006, vide plan no. EB 436 and 438. There are 23 housing units originally registered to James Chefs but currently owned by Bernard Theuri.

Mr. Kathenge said county engineers had already began testing on site, and would await the results of the audit to make a conclusive decision.