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ACoRCE Conference Paper Guidelines

The International Construction Research Conference and Exhibition 2018 will take place from 7th-9th November, 2018. The conference features a convention agenda with seminars and an exhibition on a variety of construction technologies and materials. You are invited to share your knowledge gained in this sector.


”Harnessing the potential of the legal & institutional framework for inclusive and sustainable growth of the construction industry”

Authors are requested to submit abstracts covering the following sub-themes;


Governance and politics in construction
Impact of laws, regulations, policies and taxes in construction
Management of socio-cultural and ethical challenges in construction
Effective dispute resolution mechanisms in construction
Innovative and emerging financing models in construction
Management of environmental impacts in construction
Construction management: synergy between national and county governments

Exhibitors/poster presentations
Interested exhibitors/poster presentations are encouraged to send their expression of interest to the contacts provided below by 2nd June 2017. The expression of interest will detail the relevance of exhibition/poster presentation to the theme and sub theme of choice from above list.


  1. The abstract should emphasize the significance of the paper to the intended audience and the presenter’s involvement in construction industry;
  2. Each abstract should be approximately 250 words and should be in the English Language, typed in Arial Font size 12 in word format. The word limit relates only to the text of the abstract and does not include title, authors and institutions;
  3. Each abstract should have a three line description which can be used in the conference brochure;
  4. All submissions shall be completed electronically via the online portal If you are unable to submit in this manner, please contact the Conference Secretariat via  phone: +254709126/102/172/173 for further information;
  5. There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by an individual. However, splitting of a body of work into multiple abstracts is discouraged and consolidation into one abstract is preferred.

NB: Papers qualifying for scientific publishing will be included in the inaugural National Construction Peer Reviewed Journal. An appreciation token shall also be given to exemplary papers as will be recommended by the Journal Editorial Board.

Important dates and timelines

  • Wednesday, 10th April, 2017:  Call for abstracts open
  • Monday 19th May, 2017:             Call for abstracts closes
  • Tuesday 30th May, 2017:            Notification of abstract acceptance
  • Friday 14th July, 2017:                First draft paper submission
  • Friday 28th July, 2017:                First draft paper feedback
  • Tuesday 29th August, 2017:      Final paper submission
  • Friday 27th October, 2017:        Author conference registration deadline


  • Abstract and Paper submission is free of charge;
  • Authors are guaranteed free entry to the conference once paper acceptance letter is forwarded (they MUST register as delegates online to gain access);
  • Papers presented at ACoRCE 2017 will be published on the ICoRCE website. The presenter’s details will appear on the printed program;
  • Please note that no products may be promoted in your papers or presentations.

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