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Accredited Trainers Training Schedule

Accredited Trainers Training Schedule

Accredited Trainers Training Schedule

The National Construction Authority under section 5 of the National Construction Authority Act 2011 (Cap 449A laws of Kenya), has an overall mandate to oversee the construction industry and co-ordinate its development by providing training and capacity building to contractors, skilled construction workers and site supervisors in the construction industry.

National Construction Authority Regulations 2014, part II section 13 states that: “In each year during which a contractor holds a license, the contractor or, in the case of a firm or company, the partner or director who possesses technical qualifications, skills or experience shall attend at least one Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event recognized by the Authority and the Authority shall consider their attendance while determining an application
to renew or upgrade the Contractor.

Applications are invited from interested firms/institutions who wish to be accredited by the Authority as providers of CPD and CTD trainings in the Financial Year 2022/2023.

See below the information pack that contains the application form, the confidential business questionnaire and the commitment agreement. Kindly fill in all the documentation and submit complete application forms and all requisite attachments to:
Executive Director
National Construction Authority
KCB Towers, 9th Floor, Kenya Road, Upper Hill
P.O. Box 21046 – 00100
Submissions are to be received on or before Friday, 15th November 2022 at 16:30hrs EA time.

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