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Suspended Sites

As per section 5 (2) (g) of the National Construction Authority Act (2011), the Authority is mandated to promote and ensure quality in the construction industry. Regular inspections are carried out on active construction sites to ascertain the following: an NCA registered contractor on site, a sign board showing all professionals engaged in the project, safety signage on site, personal protective equipment on site, sufficient hoarding and fencing, proof of project registration, an NCA compliance certificate and accredited skilled workers and site supervisors.

In the event an active construction site does not meet any or all of the above requirements, a suspension notice is issued to the site and all construction works are suspended. Once the site becomes compliant, a Lifting Order is granted after an NCA Quality Assurance officer undertakes due diligence to confirm the same.

The below documents contain the details of all non-compliant sites across the country by region.